Scattered in human history, are travesties of all kinds obligatory on quality beings 'in the name of' God. This has been the twilight sideways of theology - of oodles religions and divine doctrines - that time they claimed to adoration the Divine Source of anyone and of love, their actual tradition was thing but reverent and anything but romantic.

This is apodictic in the up to date as it was in the past, even if, in positive instances, straight-out savageness and stabbing is not in cross-question. Indeed, the earlier period of ceremonial run through is filled, some in the recent and away past, near collective recollections of persecution, injustice, divisiveness, and of much that has been unholy, all perpetrated in the label of supernatural viewpoint and in the label of the Supreme Being who, in abiding instances, was claimed to have authorized such as activity.

Being 'one nation, beneath God', can propose something pretty different, nonetheless.

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It can mean not to doctrine, but to impression.

It can refer not to denomination, but to the cosmopolitan Essence of all of man that is chunk of a Divine Oneness.

It can set aside itself from the ridicule, contempt, the creeps and guilt that have been planned onto an humanlike divinity who sits on a considerable chair and courts human beings from on high, to thing nudity distinct.

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The speech 'under', can be recently appreciated so that it no long refers to servitude, judgment, or fear, but to pulling together inwardly Creation and to a indistinguishability next to the Divine Creator of Creation.

The sound 'under' does not needfully connote below different in merit. It can be determined below another whose blessed influence is eagerly recognized, and who reigns ultimate in all human hunch as the deepest part of respectively Self.

Here is the key prominence. To be 'under God' not in servitude, but in friendliness.

To give dominance not unwillingly, but freely in part to that which is high inside oneself and in all of Creation.

To feel, and know, and understand, that the One Creator of all lives inside one's own deepest individual as oneself. Not as the outermost same. Not as the person self. But as the deepest core Essence.

In other sense, too, existence one commonwealth 'under God' can come to rework its consequence. It can come in to have in mind to Unity, to some extent than to the divisiveness that yesteryear has obligatory on this phrase. If all are incorporated low One, and that One lives within each, next all must acknowledge their agreed Divine practice and their communal unnameable sticking to beside all new.

If all are chunk of the One, after all are brothers and at hand is no 'other' from whom one is detached.

This is the new goal to be given to the turn of phrase 'under God'. It does not have to do near pastoral distinctions or the obloquy by which the Supreme Being is called, or the attributes that one acquaintances next to Divine Being. Rather, it has to do near the One Spirit that pervades all, Creator of time and Author of what Is.

Finally, for America to be 'one nation, nether God' does not breach upon government's sovereign function in the way that we are right now horrific of it doing. For in the incident of Unity and of the internal representation of identicalness that lies ahead, within will be no separate run everywhere. Not of government, or society, or family, or semipolitical life, or public structure, or solid time. Rather than needing to be alarming of the imposition of the belief of one Church or band on the unconditional working of the State, it will be well-known and material that all of natural life is sacred, and a undivided numinous consciousness will be mutual by all short wearisome to oblige the views of one on any other.

In such a circumstance, in attendance will be no rift to be had everywhere involving one branch of life span and other. For this holy life span will be seen as but the outmost develop of a magic genuineness that shines through with it and that infuses all facet of ecological veracity.

This perception, when it arrives, will not be based on thought, but on emotion. It will not come in through with the mind, but through with the heart and the natural object. If all of existence is sacred, next for political affairs to be unnameable in its perceptions of itself, of its own conduct, and of its way of holding itself accountable, would no more than be slice of the component of what constitutes the civic textile and the inexplicit supernatural moral code to which all hang.

Many have fear, based on historical experience, that religious belief or holding will divide fairly than fall in. That it will concoct kicking out fairly than an end to dissection. Though this has been honorable in the past, we are coming to a instance in which the old dogmas must elasticity way previously the new activity of sensitive of a deeper unity than what has traditionally been espoused. And as these old dogmas hand over way, in their place shall come up a new compassionate of the shared aims of man inside the harmony of existence.

America's forthcoming is to be one nation, nether God, indivisible, beside independence and even-handedness for all. Indeed, it is not a moment ago America's future, but the early of human race as a Whole. May it be so. Blessings and Amen.

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