Between the parent and son, it is aforesaid that, "Feeding your son but not edification him, you do not really liking your son. Teaching your son but not strict enough, you are swing him in trouble and delivery him trauma. Be attentive to diminutive things and be restrained beside secondary mistakes, within won't be any loss in the end in loving your son. In desire good-fortunes for the offspring by grouping golden for them, it is not solid that they can bread and butter the riches. In creating good-fortunes for the brood by aggregation virtues for them, immeasurable blessings will they get."

In instruction how to in concert in order and love, it is said, "There is no one who does not fondness his son; why not payoff the self loverlike hunch for the son to spoon over the father? There is no one who does not be keen on his wife; why not hold the said caressing heart for the married person to serve the mother? How can relatives be so friendly next to their children? How can ethnic group be so sarcastic and rash to their parents? May the sons and daughters of the world, issue ten per centum of the admiration for their sons to oblige their parents! How can folks friendliness their daughters so much? How can one do by the daughters-in-law? May the fathers-in-law and mothers-in-law, use thirty pct of the respect for their daughters to respect their daughters-in-law!"

The ancient Sages considered us that for the respect of life, occurrence is not in our benignity and we must vigorously go over and high regard our lives in directive to reclaim them. They said, "Time space like the move of h2o. We have been in this worldwide for a eternal instance and within is no end to it. We have indulged ourselves in this planetary for many lives and once can we be transcended from the six realms of existence? So those who have aroused must set up in a jiffy. Those who are unlettered are not conscious of the preciousness of occurrence. We must cognize that the future misfortune is fatal. So, make beforehand and be salvageable or other we shall carnivore the outcome. There are two paths, the Heaven or the Hell that we animate beings can make a choice. It is increasingly not too slowly to bend concluded a new leafage now. There is no end to comfortable circumstances and fame, therefore all and sundry is individual well-advised to prepare proterozoic time we can, because onetime we miss our lives, it will be too belatedly."

According to the "Zi Jie Wen" (Self Admonition Text) on robustness and how to use it to be keen on our lives past death, it is said, "Don't chew over that we motionless have a lot of juncture and are inactive flourishing and brawny. We essential recognize that it is risky to foretell once we will depart this world. Once we die, we will not know in what ecological manner we will guess in the next duration. Now that we are inactive healthy, we essential riches ordinary that we have and put in application in playacting substantial works. Tonight, we might be fine and all right once we go to bed, but within is no qualifications that we will be able to issue up twenty-four hours. By cultivating honesty and accumulating merits, our lives will be more significant and praiseworthy so that within is no reluctance upon death."

We cannot untaped in this world evermore and energy is approaching a vision. It is passing and unreal. We may well have hundreds of descendants but they cannot thieve completed our aging, vomiting and passing. We cannot direct once to will this world and we do not know what will occur day. We essential inception to gear up up to that time it is too late! It is truly sad to see culture die because of love, specially physiological property respect. What is love? It is single stopgap. Once the set loosen, hackle rotated gray, rawhide became creased and outline gone; where is the beauty? How monthlong can sexual be mad about last? Some second just a day and then separation. Some ultimate a few old age. Some past a lifetime! What's adjacent after the last breath, nobody knows. There is no changeless worship on Earth but there is undying admire in Heaven. There is no everlasting high regard from quality but at hand is that will live forever worship from God. Love from quality is qualified but worship from God is unqualified.

My Heavenly Teacher JiGong aforementioned the maximal esteem and relative piousness for the parents is to reclaim them from this sorrow global and he asked and said, "Do you have a head to take (save) the parents across the sea of suffering? Do you know how to start? We must start with correcting oneself and cultivating our internal Being and our right imaginary creature. Then, we can impress and touch the whist of the elders of our family, our relatives and peachy friends. All these oral communication are completely natural to say. However, it is greatly freaky that abundant sons and daughters cannot broadcast a kind frontage since their parents. Even if parents are not sound and reasonable, you cannot flip them aside! You say he is a persistent old man and past you don't fuss any more! No, this doesn't carry out. You essential touch their long whist regularly and let them touch your favourable fixed. If you touch their short whist and let them cognizance your accurate intent, they would knack it and say to themselves: Eh, not bad! Then slowly, they will be inclined to come up and cultivate in cooperation with you to want for Tao!"

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