Goddess of Mercy is in all likelihood one of the peak salient and favourite Buddhist and Taoist supernatural being loved and revered by associates all terminated the world, peculiarly those from Chinese framework. In furthermost Taoist temples, it is immensely communal to discovery the portrait of Goddess of Mercy and aboard the portrait, at hand is invariably a couple of literary composition which says, "In the inner of the chromatic rattan flora lies 'Kuan Zhi Zai' (Goddess of Mercy is in that). On top of the albescent lotus stand sits the approaching Buddha (Ru Lai)."

This literary work relates to the reproduction of Goddess of Mercy which portrays her erect on top of the light nelumbo nucifera stand or seated easygoing among the bamboo woods. According to the story she fagged most of her time in the bamboo wood but this is of late a actual interpretation of the literary work. The picture with the sole purpose draws Goddess of Mercy and no other Buddha and since the literary work is located beside the portrait, near must be deeper purpose that serves to educate general public. The verse is a fable used to reveal one of the pleasurable secrets that relates to our face, more particularly The Third Eye. The purplish rattan woods or wood in Chinese is "lin" and it implies a organic process of undergrowth that is not extraordinarily solid. Purple wicker is a form of wood which is fundamentally scraggy and upmarket. On our face our eyebrows accept related characteristics to the purplish wicker forest. They are highly good and orderly, unlike our hair. She unconcealed that the purplish rattan wood represents our eyebrows.

The prototypical partly of the poem is "In the intermediate of the purple bamboo grove lies Goddess of Mercy" which medium that our own Buddha quality or Godly quality is within in the middle of the chromatic bamboo grove or in involving the eyebrows. In separate words, we must unceasingly see our sure same and act in conformity beside our echt humour. In command to do this, we essential wish to find this angelic character that is placed in the mediate of the violet rattan forest or more particularly in involving the opinion or eyebrows. This directs us to the incredibly entity of The Third Eye or The Divine Eye. Her brow is always represented near a red dot a little bit preceding the heart of her eyebrows to represent to us that in that is a Third Eye analogous to Indian women who settled the red dot on their foreheads.

Let us aspect at the latter half of the poem, "On top of the light nelumbo nucifera stand sits the upcoming Buddha." Lotus grows above the external of the cloudy sea and Goddess of Mercy is generally splash character on it and appears to be vagabond on the sea. This sea represents the sea of desires and sufferings. On our face, the mouth is as well the sea of desires and is close to an ocean that can never be occupied up. The secretion is alkalic and tastes bitter, gum olibanum corresponding to sufferings. The body of the chops is resembling the surf of the sea. Above the lips, we have a impression that is defined by two lines and it is like-minded the radical of the nelumbo nucifera. At the end of the stem, we would be competent to brainwave the nelumbo nucifera which is our snout. On elevation, the snout appears to have iii distinct petals, twin to the petals of the spray. When we smile, our albescent set of set resembles the white water lily that Goddess of Mercy is erect on.

On top of the light nelumbo nucifera sits the approaching Buddha (ru lai in Chinese). Gautama Buddha nearly new to say that, "on all human face within is a Buddha." This implies that if we deprivation to insight our own Buddha on our face, we must solve this baffle. The True Self which is heavenly is the one that is seated on top of the achromatic water lily support. It is the forthcoming Buddha that requests to be awakened. Upon ceremony of Tao, this True Self is awakened and can become the Buddha or The Enlightened One. He is seated near on top of the light-colored water lily support which is likewise the blotch wherever the firstborn part of the verse form explains. Both surround of the verse spear to this divine nature to the stigma where we titled The Third Eye or The Divine Eye. Why is the Third Eye so beta and what is the connotation of launching of Tao? During the transmittal of Tao, it is transmittal The Three Heavenly Treasures to the acquirer and this is what my Heavenly Teacher JiGong said:

"What the lecturer has transmitted to you is the pith of the Three Heavenly Treasures - that leads one to Realization. What the pedagogue teaches is Truth and Supreme Learning - that leads one to Sainthood. What the professor avoids and regards as destructive to the agriculture of Tao is the importance on 'Shu-Liu-Dong-Jing' - that leads one to Fanaticism. What the pedagogue denounces and disapproves is fallacies and defective teachings - that leads one to Delusion.

"Shu-Liu-Dong-Jing" agency the teaching of the Four Side Doors, practices through with next to skills and engaged. They are not crude distance of crop growing and cannot give support to set free oneself from the rhythm of births and deaths. They are:

1] Shu: striking skills - spectral powers, witchery and all amazing skills.

2] Liu: assorted schools or groups that immersion in fortune telling (feng-shui), astrology, fortune-telling, crystal-reading, art of healing, temple-building and communication of philosophies etc.

3] Dong: natural event - outer procedure involving somatogenic workout such as as alchemy, military arts, massage, etc.

4] Jing: quiet - internal pattern involving the use of INTENT such as as observation of vigour flows, chakra-alignment, counting of breathing, want health or wonders through quiet-sitting etc.

Hence, a Tao sodbuster essential have:

1] A worry of Wisdom - to recognise and discover the historical and visualized.

2] A suspicion of Humanity - to get and adopt the self-renewed ones (those who option to straight themselves and be new individuals)

3] A psyche of Courage: to recover and transferral the unsuccessful and missing ones (the unconscious) decussate the discordant sea of natural life."

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