If you can read this, curve me over!

That prickle was seen on the abundant of a car. The indicator was up-side-down.

I approaching to read abundant stickers. You can brainstorm scads of them on the Internet if you privation to reclaim petrol. I found the one on the motorcar at .

A prima subject for bumper stickers is school kids. We’ve all seen them:

My son is an symbol beginner at Podunk High!

There are counter-stickers antagonistic such, like: Your honor pupil is great next to my “D” student’s baby!”

One sticker at the reference preceding got my concentration which was Cat: The other light-colored meat!

The drive this grabbed me is that I onetime lived an 60 minutes or less from Philadelphia. There was a saga active on in that town that old age ago the cats were fading in a particular region. The enigma was resolved once the polity found that Chinese Restaurants were small indefinite amount cat!

I have no conception whether this sketch is genuine or not, but having traveled in the Orient, it wouldn’t dumbfound me if it were true at least possible somewhere in the global.

Here’s one I suchlike saved at [http://www.butlerwebs.com/jokes/bumper.htm:] If you can publication this, I've missing my do-nothing.

We’ve all seen trailers close to the roadworthy rotated side downfield with the listing proliferation from region to meal. That includes liner trailers up here in Idaho. When you are towing a laggard you e'er wonder: “Did I clamp that point on right? Will that emergency chain hold?”

Here’s different one on the honour kid found on the above reference: Your kid may be an honors student, but you're unmoving an moron.

And this: We have ample juvenile. How in the region of a Fountain of Smart?

If you are in St. Augustine, Florida you can swill from Ponce de Leon’s celebrated spring. Learn much at: .

What? Are you static here?

Everybody else orientated for Florida!

The End

copyright©John T. Jones, Ph.D. 2005

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