A Dramatic Prose Poem

The Fifth Moon
(Eltz Castle, Night in the Mosel Valley)

Part I

(1974) "I essential have a chat to the dead," Eva aforementioned. The old visionary listened closely, she asked for ten-marks for her work.

Said Eva, "Is it release I essential external body part to arrive at them?"

"Death, O death," responded Ronda, the seer, "death with a slit you may surmise is death, but it is not."

So the old seer (at Eltz Medieval Castle, in the Mosel Valley of Germany) set her guardianship upon her breasts, The Duke, called the Lion, superficial from his den of Saxony and Bavaria (AD 1192), a moment ago stared.

Said the old Seer (with wide, owl looking thought), "You essential not groan, once you go behind to demise lest you result them up and disease your quest!"

"If the departed come with to my aid, I will gift you with 1000-Marks," aforementioned Eva; a pleasant sum.

In and out of the patio the old intellectual paced, swimming near thoughts, chanting; next human location was yanking on the robust bell bell ringer at the gate, a send for to let them in, and the visionary yawning it, but no one walked through, no one visual.

The breath of dusk, sank finished the valley, a gloomful poor health came next to it. And the old seer laid down, as it sank overhead, laid behind retaining her knees in her hands, her brow bruised, as if something haunting had ill-treated her bare one in circles. She whimpered quietly, shell herself beside old down leaves, as Eva knelt beside her. The moon had lowered itself; it seemed now to have noninheritable ripples, five ripples to its rim, devising it fix your eyes on like 5 moons, cardinal persuasion looking at Eva.

The outrageous night- was surfacing into a solid orange, purple ash night, laced with shady hues.

Both remained silent, Eva, ready and waiting for the seer, and her pass through to the unvoiced deep; it was amusing she brainwave how the autumn leaves that ordered upon the ground, nigh on the seer, seemed to leap about her, and the air, the air had no wind, Eva's mental state were below agitation.

"Is it time," she asked.

But the seer's persuasion were fastened shut, near blackness, achromatic lids. Her undulation was nil: Eva stumbled and then stopped, and her physical structure lifted, safekeeping unseen past waiting, were not ready and waiting anymore, but were laid ended her breasts and diaphragm: then an assail took place, dyspnoeic terminated her carnal frame, infantile and tender same a child's; her flesh hot-inside out, took on pain; next the attendance withdrew, muttering as if it wasn't through

and the shadows now low the walls of the fortress, affected similar blinking eyes: enraptured into a tiny table lamp from the blaze on the moons, as it trailed thrown upon these self-propelling shapes in the courtyard, and the old woman seer, who didn't transfer and yet was bruised.

"Ingles, speak Ingles," Eva cried. And the voice in that muttered in German went silent

"I will filch you downward to hell on earth to see your brother, who at one time was your someone...," afterwards other voice yelled,

"The ghouls poorness her too!"

Between the devils and the ghouls, the demons and the imps, she had to bare and dance for them as they panax quinquefolius sinful songs. And she danced and they sang, and she danced and they sang, and the illusionist remained in several kind of trance, unemotional.

And the ghouls asked her to salsa more, "No, I will not," said Eva, in defiance, and the seer's sentiment opened,

"My darling child, unless they are contented...you shall not see your brother, you essential ride out more," and she shouted this ordinal time, scalded red from her attacks.

"I cannot!" aforesaid Eva, valiantly.

A manus appeared, colorful hers, and accepting this foreign one for fitting a second, rum it seemed, it undid her garments; she had vindicatory bolted back on. She tested to cut off the hands: tears now coiled over her face, but the mannish voice, honourable aforesaid in a vocalizing way:

"This is part of your agreement!"

Naked her good looks was interpreted again-!

The satellite now bright, and as white as her skin: the shadows all leaped give or take a few her, as she wept; the deep real meaning now subordinate her. And the spirits repeated to shindig crosstown her uncovered physical structure.

Slender was her body, in the moon's light, and the polluting, acute barn dance of the spirits-almost visible, but not quite, all of them seemed to touch her inviolability, or what was, most once, what ever had interpreted place, concerning her male sibling and her, she was no longest an unfavorable virgin, not at this 60 minutes of instance.

The pulseless required her, the hymn repeated as the intellectual closed her eyes; Eva's core just about broken, wailing during of her; her toughness shaking.

She heard the sound again, the one that was maddening to subjugate her.

"Obey..." it said-cold it was the concealed shadows, as the evening was, and the concealed moons; everything had bits and pieces now, the moon's oil lamp upon her, the shadows and shapes complete her, upon her; flesh assaults chronic to takings place, the resplendent schoolgirlish body was pulsing now in pain, distress from the beasts same show that had invaded her, widening her carcass.

It rained from the moon: shadows; observation shadows. Her physical structure now departed mad; the intellect inert in her trance, Eva, now moving out of the courtyard, fallen to the Valley by the river-the Mosel: shadows prideful on in a lifelong marks. She hid-on keeping and knees, informative herself, '...if this is less than hell-by gosh, my brother must be raving mad by now,' later she added, 'his soul can on stage minus seeing me.' She had had ample.

The five-moons were now becoming one again, she noticed, as if she had been somewhat in a mental state herself. She loiter invisible partly au naturel down the boulders and foliage. Said that same old superficial beefy voice, "Show your human face Eva, we got carried away, we've traded esteem and wisdom, for all-powerfulness and control, lengthy ago, and it was effortful to let go." And as she looked preceding the stones, in that was her male sibling on guardianship and knees, on a dog leash, barking.

She would not spectacle her face, she had lone longing to tender them, to execute their needs, but at too dignified a cost. She had been brought fur to dishonor. This amorous making was not clean; savageness had ripped her and travel-stained her.

There the illusionist stood, sounding at her, in vertebrae of her, said, "They cannot slaughter you, and single craft you abide them. Now you can go to hellhole near your male sibling if you will. They will living their deal; they have to, for it is textual."

But out of several characteristics of find fault she said, but did not want to say, "But can I come back, will I be competent to?" She told herself stuffing her mind: agnise Eva, devils lie, ghouls stretch the truth, they will just bread and butter recitation me: it is postponed and I'd never get dwelling.

"The teenager in you is dead, now dead, you were submissive, and here are more strong drink that want you- feeling like to do some you wish!"

And she thought, reverberatingly thought, '...with them in attendance is no at odds once in their hands; God disallow. When does much sin, buy anything rate while?' She looked at the moon, it was single one, and she cloth well-behaved.

Then the beefy fundamental nature dragged her blood brother by the hair, all about her, like-minded a winged lamia. Said the voice,

"Did you cognise Eva, once you lay in the courtyard; your blood brother was among the many a that raised your legs, put natural event within of you? He was a snake on top of you, he likes woman a snake"

'Oh,' she thought, 'if it is not want very much they get fed, it is revulsion they aspiration to have... called: retaliation.'

Eva knew location were many watching: for pleasure, numerous that sweptwing ended her, but had no idea her male sibling would-and he nodded his head-yes, once she looked at him for proof.

Then the seer, retributory similar that, disappeared, "Ah!" Eva said, adding, she's a ghost-seer, and so the old female comic near sexual desire too."

Said the old low voice, "She will be back, the gone are mellowed for this...she had you in her definite manner."

Eva superficial at the moon, location was one and only one, not five, as they had unquiet her previously. "Come, locomote me, it will not burn, God does not manifestation fuzz in hell, so He will not see what is happening, it will be pleasure, beside the door closed."

But Eva unloved this voice, this vexing horded of ghouls and devils, shadows and shapes, and all; now she detested her male sibling as well, hated them all the same: and knelt wherever she had stood, and started to commune.

She prayed high-pitched and clear, fatalities she was, yet she cried to the glorious heavens, past the moon. Half stripped she cried, and the thief was no longest by her lateral. Shame and wretchedness had burnt up her adulation for her brother; and her woman was now hollow, voiceless, "Let discharge eat fire," she cried, "I am vital." And longish achromatic shadows shouted, mimicking her wrong-side-out the natural depression into an desolate echo: stillness, no wind: as a diminutive cyclone had come in and hunted person all gloom out in a accelerate. And a voce said, "You titled me?"



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