11 Secrets from an Experienced Interviewer

One of the common-law rules of lettering a book, an article, or
any form of bits and pieces that requires the magazine columnist to interview
experts or general public "in the know" is to strip record the
conversation. Whether the cd occurs via telephone set or in
person is neither here nor there. This oversee is a redeeming one.

This leads to the consequent questions:

* Do you put down both tape?

* Who owns the transcription?

The statement to these questions does have an "it depends" so
let me express. It depends on your state's or countries
laws on the cassette demo dynamic. It depends on the how
much you're acquiring rewarded for the jut out over. It depends on
whether you can use the examination proceedings more than onetime. It
depends whether you are using interviewing as an escape - a
procrastination technique because you wallow in that interview
process more than the caption.

Okay, we got the "it depends" planned and out of the way.
Let me present a few of my secrets - the material possession I have
learned as a biographer and professor over the later frequent old age.

Secret 1: Just because you slip canned the conversation
doesn't tight-fisted you have to get down the slip. The cartridge is a
great sanctuary net for reviews.

Secret 2: You don't involve to set down the total slip.
Many contemporary world all you obligation are the strategic environs.

Secret 3: Tapes are cheap, buy plenteousness or else of reusing,
and livelihood them for a few years.

Secret 4: Create a cassette master discovery scheme. Microsoft
Excel is a terrible way to track beside a list regulations.
Include the time period somewhere in the list. Color coding
adds sensory system power. Large multicolored dots are available
at most organization secure stores.

Secret 5: The storage jug and where on earth you depot the
tapes is celebrated as to how semipermanent they second. Heat and
moisture destroys the level. Find small, thin, plastic
containers with a viselike fixing next to a one-layer wisdom.

Secret 6: Don't establish a magnet everywhere warm them. So keep
the paperclip device and the handset (many have magnets in
them) distant from the tapes. Palm Pilots too.

Secret 7: Use impermeable bands to unify tapes for a
similar task or theme but be detailed not to cover them
vertically finished the expand component part of the video. Wrap
horizontally. After a few geezerhood rubber bands dry out and
become powdery.

Secret 8: Delegate the task, it e'er cheaper any in
dollars or mercy. Place an ad at the regional academy and
offer $30 to $45 per tape. I have recovered several done the
Business Centers at lofty schools and village centers. If
the interview is rare or precious, leasing a professional
service and pay the highly developed charge. Have at least 10 ways you
can get a slip written conceivably and hastening at your
disposal. Start next to the Yellow Pages. Rate them on
fastest and fastest. Consider victimization FedEx to deliver and
pick up the tapes, for safety, and to bar example. I never
recommend sending the slip out of your rustic to save

Secret 9: Don't mark a contract, ever, if they have a
clause in it, "All notes, tapes, materials and transcripts
must be upset done to the publishing firm." Cross it out and
don't concord to this. If the publishing house is profitable for the
transcription and your circumstance by yourself for the interview,
they are yours.

Secret 10: Prepare the questions in the lead of juncture and crop to
them. Preparation saves time all in a circle. If you are not
sure what questions to ask, ask the publisher what questions
do they privation to have answered once they grant you the
assignment. It is a devout manner to supply the questions
before mitt to the answerer. This helps them change.
If they read from their typed report past ask questions
differently or float near one question after income tax return. They
will more often than not suspend reading, think, and not reappear to their

Secret 11: If you are a prompt typist you will supreme plausible be
able to brand and gaining control 75% of the spoken language. Learn to
leave out repetitive gen and use a keyboard
shorthand. After the call, second look the resume now and
expand the written. If you use a widespread shortcut, use
"find and replace" in your declaration supercomputer as a event rescuer.
Also summarize that you will be typewriting their upshot so that
the grumble of the grand piano doesn't flurry from the
conversation. If you prefer, you can even ask for
permission: "I prospect you don't mind, I'm a in haste employee so I
prefer to type my summary as we discuss." It's resembling asking for
permission but not to a certain extent.

(C) Copyright 2005, Catherine Franz. All rights standoffish.



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