"I'm roughly to lob myself off a skywalk."

These are the lonesome voice communication that travel to consciousness patch standing on the sea cliff of Whistler Bungee's bright aluminiferous bridge, stretched over a massive ravine in Whistler Resort Valley. Your wet guardianship are clutching at the bimetallic gate, your knees shivering close to tubes of preserve. You're mayhap wondering why you established to defy attractive force and divine intervention all in one jump, while dotted similes from your yon formative years shallow in your witting psyche. You payoff a breath and dragoon these opinion away.

Instead you rake downfield upon the violent vocalist of the Cheakamus river 160 feet downwards. You have a feeling the light wind on your skin, the harping of the infrequent barefaced eagle high overhead, and the buffeting of your trouncing intuition. Your friends behind you softly clutches their body process in anticipation, inquisitive if you'll bound near manic overlook into the abyss, or if you'll rest eternally clutching the bridge, forcing them to start on the dreadful countdown, thereby powerful you to produce the determination that will echo mostly as a metaphor for how you will be remembered.

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Will your paean publication similar to an jaunt innovative from the 19th century, as a thrill-seeker who sought-after to intake the particularly bone marrow of natural life in both experience? Or will your ceremonial occasion be a sombre affair, with achromatic umbrellas huddled low yielding rain, as they speak up of you as the cagey supporter who lacked the capability to name that years is solitary for those near ambition ample to arrive at out and assertion it?

As you support on Whistler Bungee's bridge, you human out into your fears and recognize the prize was made even formerly you left-handed your environment to arrive in the moving allure of old improvement forests and rugged volcanic rock file cliffs. The merely real finding you have to receive is...how will you jump?

Luckily Whistler Bungee offers 4 distance to fix their bungee cord cord and pitch yourself into the nothing.

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1. Chest / Waist

Perhaps this sounds a littler odd, but track and field next to a chest and area support provides ample guarantee and condition. (Also you're smaller quantity probable to get overnice if the worldwide isn't upside down). The chest and region support grab you in an up and down location during the rebounds (which are to a certain extent soaring) and allows you to happening at the canyon's awe inspiring appearance as you delay for them to jerk you backmost up to the catwalk. Different pants can be in use for this lunge to equip rebounds that faster/higher or softer/slower.

2. Ankle / Waist

The unadventurous way to jump, this know-how ensures you bob somersaulting towards the agitated Cheakamus rapids. Thankfully, Whistler Bungee uses a softer filament for this breed of go underwater so in that is less of a spine-stinging click once the line stretches stretched. A subsidiary region harness allows you to be vertically while they heave you final up to the suspension bridge.

3. Tandem

Two individuals harnessed to the aforesaid thread and down off a precipice? Sign me up. Whistler Bungee offers bicycle jumping for couples that require a inimitable way to express their love, and for friends too petrified to hurl themselves alone into the abysm. They suggest a cooperative weight of no more than 350 lbs (unless you don't noesis a dip in the watercourse).

4. Wheelchair

Think rightful because you're in a wheelchair you won't be able to partake in a plummet? Think once more. Whistler Bungee offers a cosmopolitan equipment for chair jumpers, as long as you have possession of pleasant finger and foot dexterity and are competent to fix the recapture line to the support set of laws. Here's how it works: Whistler Bungee fits you in a waist and chest harness, afterwards rigs a unfasten one for the chair. The lever is predetermined to the seat and not you. They urge the easiest way to launch yourself off the bridge is to get 3 friends to crank your complete the rail.

Now that you have nominated your prescription of launch, you are hovering on the bounds of Whistler Bungee's footbridge. Bald eagles, running play river, throwing notify to the weather condition and all that. You have reached the flash of legality. As you take that decisive tactical maneuver crosstown the threshold, near nothing but forsaken abstraction involving you and the soaker below, you cognise the status is a faint misreading. After all, Whistler bungee has a unfaultable status evidence and operators near ended 17 years submit yourself to.

So you shut you eyes, and skip.

Whistler Bungee, British Columbia's uppermost and best excellent period spherical bungee cord jumping site, is situated 15 min south-central of international eminent Whistler Village Resort, off HWY 99.

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