As of this writing, the top saga in the info is Lisa Nowak, the astronaut who was hot beside attempted murder and seizure. Everyone is asking, "How could an astronaut be so out of control?" Astronauts are portion of NASA's "failure is not an option" laurels. We have elevated them to hero status, and justifiedly so. Heroes are not acknowledged to fall over from grace, create mistakes or have quality weaknesses. However, we're forgetting that at the end of the day, they are not moving human beings.

Although all the facts are not out yet, regarding the disposition of Nowak's human relationship beside William Oefelein, present is what I feel happened supported on what we do know.

Kim Nowak detached from her partner of 19 eld give or take a few 2 weeks back the optical phenomenon. She described her bond next to Oefelein as more than a effort fellow worker but smaller number than a artistic style link. This sounds resembling an electric thing. Something may have happened to end in her to misgivings she may lose the similarity beside him or that the disposition of it was going to devolution into thing else, thing she didn't deprivation. This triggered her "fight or flight" answer. She chose to be at odds and drove to Florida to brave her contender.

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"But she's an astronaut! She must be highly brilliant. What could variety her do approaching that?" you may be asking. The information is that even then again soul may have a elevated I.Q., it's sufficient to have a low Emotional Intelligence Quotient (E.Q.). E.Q. is definite as, "The aptitude to perceive, bring home the bacon and act one's emotions and the emotions of others". Our E.Q. on the whole rises as we get older because we go more than mature, revise from our mistakes and get more suitability. Her engagements wouldn't be so appalling if she was a teenager, but one does not wish this activity from an full-grown. It's gettable that Nowak's gift to react to fearfulness of loss is cragfast in time of life.

It's besides at all that the strain from her new delineation triggered mood from her quondam that she related with the modern state. Let's suppose that Oefelein told her he couldn't carry on their relationship. Her obsession of leaving kicked in. If she had practised that the creeps as a child, she momently reverted hindmost to that articulate of be concerned.

We all have three change ego states: the child, the parent and the fully fledged. How we grain roughly surface measures sort the "child". The "parent" is the established sound of authority that we literary when we were increasing up. The "adult" is our competency to deduce for ourselves and sort decisions based on our thinking.

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What may have happened in this defence is that the "child" craved to go to Florida to confront the "other woman". The "adult" or "parent" may have said, "That's foolish. I'm not dynamic to Florida in a napkin." However, the "child" overruled the "adult/parent" and off she went.

What can the break of us larn from this? The side by side case we're in a confusable situation, where on earth the juvenile in us is move and screeching to get its own way, hang around level-headed. Let the tick overhaul and solely later label a declaration as to how to traffic near the state of affairs. If she had to do it over, I'm assured Kim Nowak wishes she'd had this direction beforehand she granted to put together that fatal ride to Florida.



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